Alison Berger Book - Glass and Light

Alison Berger - Glass and Light

American artist and designer Alison Berger is known for her evocative light fixtures and chandeliers, functional objects, furnishings, and large-scale sculptures. Using age-old glass-blowing techniques, she creates elegant forms that transcend time and function to capture the magic of light. Her unique process and its rich results – hybrids of lyricism and perfectionism – feel at once old-world and modern.

This stunning monograph, the first comprehensive presentation of Berger’s work, features twenty years’ worth of glasswork in combination with the diverse sources that inspired it. Featuring more than 300 full-color photographs, including form studies, collages, and process and studio shots, Alison Berger: Glass and Light provides insight into the artist’s ongoing and alchemistic exploration of the transformation of glass – from liquid to solid – and light – from day to night.

A foreword by Holly Hunt, interpretive essay by Matilda McQuaid, and conversation between the artist and Pilar Viladas provide a foundation for understanding Berger’s work within the context of the contemporary art and design worlds that it so poetically bridges.

published by Skira Rizzoli
with foreword by Holly Hunt
and contributions by Matilda McQuaid and Pilar Viladas
240 pages