Introduction to Furniture


Giorgio Morandi devoted his entire career to painting still lifes. The unwavering dedication he gave to his exploration of one subject has always been so moving to me. Looking at a photograph of his studio, I noticed a table spread with butcher's paper, which was covered with a dense pattern of drawn circles. They were his tracings of objects for still lifes: circle upon circle, year after year, the map of a focused pursuit.

There is such beauty in the quiet obsession of artists and tradesmen – be it the mathematician and her quest to solve a problem or the can't-sleep-at-night fixation of the solitary writer at a desk – of people who can't help but do what they do, whether they get recognition for it or not. To tell their stories, I created furniture based on the tools and devices of various vocations, from jewelry and carpentry to sculpture and astronomy. Interpreted in glass and bronze, these ordinary, workday items are transformed and elevated into luminous, rarefied objects that pay homage to the tradition of craftsmanship.

  • Detail of Morandi's Studio Inspiration detail

  • Painter's Table detail Painter's Table

  • Painter's Table

  • Inspiration Jeweler's tools

  • Jeweler's Table view from above Jeweler's Table

  • Jeweler's Table detail

  • Carpenter's Bench front view

  • Carpenter's Bench end view

  • Detail Form study

  • Carpenter's Bench detail

  • Writer's Table view from above

  • Detail Writer's Table

  • Writer's Console end view Collage

  • Writer's Console

  • Star Map inspiration Astronomer's Table detail

  • Astronomer's Table Detail

  • Sculptor's Pedestal

  • Glass Stool

  • Detail

  • Inspiration

  • Abacus Screen drawings

  • Abacus Screen beads

  • Sketch, Graphite on Mylar Detail

  • Abacus Screen detail